Turn Lemons Into Lemonade


We have all heard that when life hands you lemons you should make lemonade. So what should charities do when a minister hands them insults?

The new Minster for charities told us that Charities should stick to thier knitting. I find that insulting to charities and offensive to knitters!  And annoying knitters really isn’t a good idea!  Look what happened a few years ago when someone else did:

Freakonomics – Banking & Red Yarn

Making Light on the Sock Yarn Outrage

Archived Freakin Muggles (Note the comments aren’t kept in the archives – pity)

There are quite a few more links on the whole sorry saga.

The point is – there are a lot of knitters out there – who can get quite vocal when roused.

So I suggest that a forward thinking charity should harness the knitting community – and this opportunity to generate some publicity and some funding!

After this lovely news headline

Tory MP tells autistic man: Keep quiet if you have mental issues

I suggest that a charity like Scope would be a good one – especially as the Chief Executive and I have had a brief (and funny) conversation about knitting already!

There seems to be a few news stories about this – Will someone please jump on this momentum and keep it rolling?

Guardian Comment – In Praise of Knitting

Guardian Comment – Why Brooks Newmark is a knit-wit

Daily MailIndependentTelegraphMirror

and how about:

UK FundraisingThird Sector

I really think there is a good oportunity to take a insult and make a campaign!