Turn Lemons Into Lemonade


We have all heard that when life hands you lemons you should make lemonade. So what should charities do when a minister hands them insults?

The new Minster for charities told us that Charities should stick to thier knitting. I find that insulting to charities and offensive to knitters!  And annoying knitters really isn’t a good idea!  Look what happened a few years ago when someone else did:

Freakonomics – Banking & Red Yarn

Making Light on the Sock Yarn Outrage

Archived Freakin Muggles (Note the comments aren’t kept in the archives – pity)

There are quite a few more links on the whole sorry saga.

The point is – there are a lot of knitters out there – who can get quite vocal when roused.

So I suggest that a forward thinking charity should harness the knitting community – and this opportunity to generate some publicity and some funding!

After this lovely news headline

Tory MP tells autistic man: Keep quiet if you have mental issues

I suggest that a charity like Scope would be a good one – especially as the Chief Executive and I have had a brief (and funny) conversation about knitting already!

There seems to be a few news stories about this – Will someone please jump on this momentum and keep it rolling?

Guardian Comment – In Praise of Knitting

Guardian Comment – Why Brooks Newmark is a knit-wit

Daily MailIndependentTelegraphMirror

and how about:

UK FundraisingThird Sector

I really think there is a good oportunity to take a insult and make a campaign!





2 thoughts on “Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

  1. Howard Lake says:

    Many thanks for the link to our coverage of the knitting comments. Could you please change ‘Fundraising’ at the bottom to ‘UK Fundraising’. There is another magazine by the former name, and that’s not us. Casting off…


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